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Why I Wont Give You a Proposal

ProposalHow much does social media support cost? Since my days as a website designer, Ive been asked about cost before anything else is said.

Asking, How much is a website? is like asking, How much is a house? The answer, of course, is also the same it depends! The same is true for social media support.

Why I Wont Give You That Proposal Yet

This stance might seem foolish at first glance, and Id be lying if I said I wasnt sometimes tempted to just send it out right away. The business might be so compelling, and the business owner so interesting, that I almost cant help myself.

One-size-fits-all simply does NOT work in online marketing. Yet, perhaps because people are used to being able to find pricing on websites, many business owners still want a proposal before sharing their business and goals. Indeed, we find that many companies dont even know what their goals are. We are happy to help you in this discovery process. You will no doubt find that the clarity it gives you goes beyond helping inform your online marketing strategy!

We LOVE to talk to businesses about where they want to be, and wed love nothing more than to be a part of your success. However, we hope youll understand that it takes a couple of conversations and some sharing of data before we can come up with a plan that is going to make you happy in the end and that, right there, is the reason for our possible resistance we want to DELIGHT you and the only way we can do that is with information!

What We Need to Know Before We Can Plan Your Social and Online Strategy

How many Website Visits do you get per month? Current and Goal

How many visits is your website getting now?
How many would you like to be getting, and by when?
Which channels are giving you the best quality leads?
What are you currently doing for online marketing, and will you continue those efforts in conjunction to what we propose?
How many Leads are you getting? Current and Goal

How many leads are your website and other channels generating for you?
Are they qualified leads?
Do you have a sales team, and are they following up on online leads?
Which channels are working for you?

What are your Sales Current and Goal?

This one is simple. What are your monthly sales now and what would you like them to be? By what date?

I get the feeling that some think I ask this in an attempt to figure out how much we can charge you its not. Instead, its and indication of the budget you might have available for all marketing, including Pay Per Click budgets. Your sales goals and timeline provide an indication of how aggressive your plan will need to be. Sales growth will also be a key indicator of success later on.

How involved will you be?

We need to know who well be able to consult with, and how often. We can greatly decrease the amount of time youll spend on your social media, but to keep things authentic, we need to become a true partner with you.


Why We Need To Know About Your Business Goals

Its not because were nosy! We want to be a partner in your success. By getting the specifics, we can build a roadmap that will get you where you want to be and ensure that you are DELIGHTED with us! The numbers you give us will show us how much needs to be done, and how fast, to reach your goals. Cant have a proposal without it!

Something else that is accomplished by our discovery process is that we can both determine if we will make a good team. This is vital to the success of any program. As you become comfortable with us and realize that we are looking at the big picture of your business, you will feel more comfortable trusting us as a real part of your marketing team.

Your turn! Are you comfortable talking data and goals, or do you want up-front pricing? Is it worth it to you to have a few conversations and supply some hard numbers in order to get a strategy that is custom built to help you achieve your business goals?

Want to talk? Call me now at 800.305.9420 x1 or fill out our form so I can get a look at your current online presence ahead of time.

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