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Why Your Sales Marketing Teams Will Fail without Smarketing

Would it surprise you to hear that in a recent HBR study, 87% of the terms sales and marketing professionals use to describe each other are negative? If youve ever been in either line of work probably not! Sales sees marketing as artsy (in a bad way) and not focused on the bottom line. Marketing sees sales as incompetent or lazy.

Sales And Marketing – Smarketing While your business will fail without it.If your employees are similarly at odds, how hard will they work to ensure the others success, which of course leads to business success? At best, their goals will not align and there will be much wasted effort. At worst, your business will fail.

What is Smarketing?

MarketingAs apparently coined by Dan Tyre of HubSpot, smarketing simply refers to sales + marketing as two parts of the same team. You probably could have guessed that. After all, arent they both on the revenue side of the business?

When youre smarketing, your team is aligned around the common goals of keeping the sales pipeline full and reaching (or exceeding) sales quotas.

Alignment also includes cooperation around reaching your buyer personas. Who are your personas? How can they best be reached? Sales can provide feedback from their conversations with prospects to let marketing know what is resonating. Because this will inevitably change, communication MUST be ongoing.

How Smarketing Can Change Your Business

Having shared goals and lots of open communication leads to a 20% increase in revenue (Aberdeen Group). And thats just the hard numbers. Think of the benefits to all the members of the sales and marketing teams. Quotas reached = happy employees with bigger paychecks. Teamwork leads to less stress and even better job performance.

In fact, this kind of alignment can lead to greater client satisfaction and even new product and service offerings! Consider this: your sales people begin to see a pattern when they are following up on leads, it appears that they are not a good fit for your products and services. Rather than telling marketing, Your leads are no good! there can be a discussion about what people really want, and even whether a new product or service might be worth implementing.

A Word About Smarketing and Outsourcing

Marketing2If you outsource your marketing strategy whether thats online or offline, you MUST be sure that your sales team will work well with your chosen agency. For instance, if you decide to outsource your social media marketing, sales must feel that they are part of the process and they must believe that online leads derived from social channels are worth pursuing. To that end, make sure that there is regular communication between all parties involved.

Moreover, if you handle traditional marketing in-house and social media marketing is handled by an agency, make sure the two teams will work well together to get the best return on your marketing investment. There is much that can be done on both sides to integrate. For example, is your in-house team putting together a big event? Your online marketing agency should know way in advance so they can promote the event online.

How can smarketing be implemented, even when there are pre-existing tensions between sales and marketing? Well cover that in a future post (cant wait? Read the HubSpot Smarketing ebook). What has worked for you? What struggles do you see between your sales and marketing departments? Please share below.

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